Coastal Roots Farm


Coastal Roots Farm integrates Jewish tradition and sustainable agriculture to grow and share healthy food especially with those most in need, learn about and care for the land, and help strengthen connections between neighbors. Each year, we provide tens of thousands of pounds of fresh vegetables to local hunger relief efforts. Coastal Roots Farm is an independent organization created by the Leichtag Foundation to help foster a vibrant, healthy community. Our funding comes from philanthropic support and revenue from programs and social enterprises.


We envision a world in which every community comes together to grow and share healthy food, care for the land, help their neighbors, and strengthen the connections they have with each other.


At Coastal Roots Farm, we seed, we grow, and we share. We seed new ideas around sustainable farming and Jewish life; we grow healthy food; and we share the harvest with our local community.

Current Programs:

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Employment Opportunities:

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Recent Farm News:

  • Sock Farm Donation to Community Resource Center March 12, 2015 The farm has donated 2,177 units (bunches, pounds, and heads of greens combined) of greens to the Community Resource Center‘s Food Program located in Downtown Encinitas this year. Varieties include red leaf lettuce, mizuna (a Japanese mustard green), bok choy and Chinese cabbage.The produce is being distributed through CRC’s regularly scheduled food distributions and has ...
  • Jewish Farmers Gather to Advance Field of Jewish Community Farming January 22, 2015 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE   SAN DIEGO, CA (January 22nd, 2015) — For the first time in decades, Jewish farmers from all over North America and Israel will be convening at the Leichtag Foundation property in Encinitas on January 25-27th, 2015 to share best practices and discuss emerging opportunities in the growing field of Jewish community farming. “The Jewish ...
  • Shmita in the Farm – A Year of Release September 24, 2014 Why is this Jewish new year different from all others? Watch this video about the once-every-seven-year practice of Shmita, the year of release. Wishing you a sweet, healthy and happy new year! Click here to see photos from our volunteer Farm Work Day, where we prepared the farm & vineyard for the Shmita year.
  • Farm Work Day: Preparing for the Shmita Year on Sunday Sept 21st September 8, 2014 Join us for an afternoon-sunset volunteer work in the farm & vineyard as we prepare the farm for Shmita, the upcoming year of agriculture release.  Learn more here.
  • How Do You Make a Farm Biodynamic? August 20, 2014 We are farming biodynamically! That means stirring and spraying biodynamic preparation 500 (Horn Manure) to our fields, learning about biodynamic agriculture, and helping set the intention behind our educational farm. Thanks to everyone who participated!