Volunteers Building More Than Just a Vineyard

A deep and profound thank you is deserved to all of our amazing volunteers who helped us build the trellises for the vineyard yesterday. It was such a thrill to spend the day with new friends and neighbors and to transform and beautify a fallow plot of land into something fruitful (literally) that will serve the community.
This is the first time we’ve invited the community to help us with something, and wow, did you guys deliver!  We want to engage our community about learning something we have mutual interest in, and by building a vineyard, we wanted to demystify the process.  We look forward to creating more opportunities like this in the future, and hope you’ll volunteer with us one day!

Rabbi Andy Kastner, Director of Jewish Food Justice Fellowship’s Vineyard Blessing:

May it be your will that you bless this place, this community gathered today protect us and bless the work of our hands and our hearts as we begin the building of this vineyard. May this vineyard be a place of holiness, of gathering, understanding, celebration and joy. May this vineyard be a place that connects us to the earth, to each other, and to ourselves. May we be inspired by the vision of the prophet Amos who dreamt of a world rooted in justice and communities who ‘shall plant vineyards and drink wine from them; who make gardens and eat fruit from them’.

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