Leichtag Foundation Announcement from Jim Farley

Dear Friends,

I am writing to update you about an important milestone and transition at the Leichtag Foundation. Effective March 1st, I have stepped into the position of Executive Chair of the Foundation. Charlene Seidle, who has worked closely with me since the earliest days of our independence, has assumed the position of President and CEO.

This step reflects the overall strategy of the Foundation as we plan for our future as a limited-life foundation and our phased transition to three independent successor organizations, two based in San Diego and one in Israel: Coastal Roots Farm; Impact Cubed, which will assume ownership of Leichtag Commons; and Jerusalem Philanthropy Initiatives.

It comes at a time of great challenge for the Jewish people and for our beloved homeland of Israel. Even as we mark this transition, we note that it has been 149 days since hundreds of innocent people – children, elders, women, men – were kidnapped from their homes on October 7, 2023 and many remain there, held captive in Gaza with no word of their safety. At every milestone and in every minute, we think of them and re-commit ourselves to bring them home.

Most of you know Charlene, as she has been integrally involved with the Foundation’s strategy, granting, staff leadership and more since 2008. Until 2015, she worked with us concurrently to her senior leadership position at the Jewish Community Foundation of San Diego. We are grateful and delighted that Charlene has assumed this formal leadership position at Leichtag Foundation, as she has been a leader for us as well as a highly respected community professional since our first days.

As for me, I am very pleased to assume this role of Executive Chair with a special focus on Leichtag Commons as well as overall strategy, business sustainability planning and governance. We all continue to be incredibly honored and humbled by the generosity and vision of Toni and Lee Leichtag z”l. Advancing their legacy to better serve north San Diego and Jerusalem is our paramount goal, always.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me directly or to Charlene. Our entire team and board join me in thanking you for your partnership, friendship and support.

With much appreciation,

Jim Farley

With gratitude to Toni and Lee Leichtag z”l (of blessed memory)