Jewish Community Security Capacity Initiative

Community Need

Our community continues to grieve the horrific loss of life from the most devastating acts of anti-Semitism in American Jewish history.  We struggle to process a new reality following the Pittsburgh and Poway tragedies – one that has us living at a time when, across the United States, anti-Semitic incidents are reaching historic levels. In 2018, there were 1,879 recorded attacks against Jews and Jewish institutions, according to the Anti-Defamation League (ADL). That was the third-highest year on record since the 1970s, when the ADL first started tracking anti-Semitic attacks.  California saw a 27% rise in anti-Semitic incidents in 2018.

These issues have led to reevaluation of Jewish facility/campus security to ensure that buildings and open spaces are as safe as possible, while remaining welcoming.  Adequately addressing security measures requires continuous attention, knowledge and funding.


Support is needed to educate and build the capacity of San Diego Jewish organizations to pursue security vulnerability assessments, find funds needed to cover security infrastructure gap costs, and submit competitive funding applications.  This is particularly true for smaller organizations with limited administration and fundraising infrastructures. Leichtag Foundation staff has substantial experience with general program development and grants management, particularly with private and government security grants.  Over the last decade, Foundation staff have informally consulted about these resources to more than a dozen organizations and have developed specific experience through obtaining and managing security grants for Leichtag Commons.

Based on past assistance requests and others that have come in since the Pittsburgh and Poway shootings, the Leichtag Foundation, the Jewish Community Foundation San Diego, and the Jewish Federation of San Diego County are proud to collaborate on the Jewish Community Security Capacity Initiative, which is designed to increase our community’s capacity to access competitive local, state and federal dollars as well as private and corporate funding, to create a stronger and more secure Jewish community in San Diego. The Leichtag Foundation, the Jewish Community Foundation San Diego and the Jewish Federation will jointly fund the Initiative.

Project Components

Community Workshops

At each session, participants will receive a toolkit of relevant resources, including templates, worksheets, articles, website lists and more. Toolkits will be sent to those unable to attend.

#1 Getting Started: Introduction to funding opportunities, resources, and the characteristics of a successful grant proposal. Information also provided on obtaining a no cost security vulnerability assessment (requirement for government funding) by authorized Department of Homeland Security consultants.

#2 Winning Government Applications: Guidance in completing California Office of Emergency Services and/or Department of Homeland Security funding proposals

#3 Successful Grants Management: Direction in establishing a project calendar; communicating effectively with grant contacts; creating, maintaining, and presenting documentation; conducting site visits; requesting project modifications; compiling paperwork for funding reimbursement; and submitting reports.

Individualized Coaching for Strategy, Application & Grant Management

  • Sessions will take place in person and by phone. Topics will be similar to those presented in workshops with meetings tailored to individual organization needs.
  • Coaching will be provided by consultants and Foundation staff.
  • Coaches will assist those new to this field, as well as organizations that have already received funding awards but are having difficulty completing projects.

Funding for Professional Grant Writing & Grant Management Consulting

  • Up to $2,000 will be provided per organization, for up to 20 organizations (total $40,000) for grant writing and grants management, with smaller organizations prioritized. If needed, consideration will be given to securing funding for additional support.
  • Organizations will receive a vetted list of consultants experienced in successfully applying for and complying with security funding, though they may contract with anyone they wish.
  • Prior to obtaining funding for contracted services, organizations will submit a copy of their completed vulnerability assessment and the consultant’s scope of work.

Project Contacts