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Upcoming Programs & Events:

MGSDII Presents: A Special Book Group Salon with Israeli Author Ayelet Gundar-Goshen (March 20, 2018)

Interviewed by popular San Diego Book Group Facilitator, Stefanie Schiff, this first MGSDII Salon event of the year sure is not to be missed. Enjoy a late morning Book Group Salon with one of Israel’s most acclaimed authors!

About the Author: Ayelet Gundar-Goshen, born in Israel in 1982, is the author of Waking Lions, a bestselling novel in Europe and Israel that was released in the United States in February 2017 to outstanding reviews. The book is being adapted as an American television series. Gundar-Goshen’s debut novel, One Night, Markovitch, won the prestigious Sapir Prize for Debut Fiction in 2012.  She is also a psychologist and screenwriter and her screenplays and writing for television have won international recognition.

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MGSDII Funds Joint UC San Diego Scripps Center for Marine Archaeology – University of Haifa Project   (Fall 2017 through Fall 2019)

The MGSDII is excited to announce a two-year grant to investigate the impact of long-term climate change and rising sea levels on the cultures of the eastern Mediterranean along the coast of Israel, led by Prof. Tom Levy of UC San Diego and Prof. Assaf Yasur-Landau of University of Haifa. The grant will allow twelve UCSD students to attend the field school in Israel this summer and will bring an Israeli visiting faculty to teach at UCSD/Scripps.

The understanding of long-term climate change and human adaptation is key to understanding current climate change and rising sea levels. The coast of Israel has been home to cultures from prehistoric to modern times that have actively adapted to oscillating sea levels over the past 10,000 years. Using the scientific strengths of both institutes, this multi-disciplinary investigation will use a combination of underwater archaeology, geoarchaeology, geophysics, maritime biology, engineering and robotics to reconstruct the climatic history of the last 6,000 years along the coast of Dor, Israel.

Salon Event: Save the Date! Wednesday, March 21


California Western School of Law Israel Conference: Indigeonous Communities in the Modern Economy (March 2, 2018)

The conference, co-sponsored with the California Western International Law Journal, will be facilitated by MGSDII funded visiting faculty member, Dr. Morad Elsana. The event (open to the public) will have one central theme: “Indigenous Communities in the Modern Economy: The Dilemma for Land Rights.” The symposium will provide a comparative analysis of how modern economies have affected the land rights of indigenous communities. The right to land is vital to indigenous communities because it is directly related to social, economic, and political rights. Other visiting guests include Israeli Appellate Judge Rachel Barkai and visiting MGSDII scholar Tamar Arieli.

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New Partnership with UC San Diego ArtPower

The MGSDII is excited to announce a new partnership with UC San Diego ArtPower to bring Israeli artists to perform at UCSD. ArtPower engages diverse audiences through vibrant, challenging, multi-disciplinary performances by emerging and renowned international artists. Through extensive partnerships, ArtPower provides exciting opportunities for research, participation, and creation of new work, igniting powerful dialogue between artists, students, scholars, and the community. The MGSDII looks forward to partnering with ArtPower to identify Israeli artists to bring to San Diego for the 18-19 or 19-20 ArtPower performances seasons as well as collaborate with campus partners and academic units to have them placed within the Theatre and Dance Department. Stay tuned!


UCSD to offer Summer Global Seminar in Israel

For the first time, UCSD students will have the opportunity to earn college credit by studying in Israel. Jerusalem, one of the most fascinating cities on earth, provides an ideal setting for students to gain an in-depth understanding of the complexities of Israel’s history, politics, religion, society and culture. The program will also  explore how Israel has become a “start-up nation” and the social, cultural and economic implications of this hi-tech boom.

This program offers upper division electives for history majors and minors as well as for students in the Jewish Studies Program, International Studies Program, and undergraduate business minors. All students are encouraged to apply. Learn more HERE.



University of San Diego Faculty Explore Israel’s Innovation and Entrepreneurship/Eco-System (January 15-17, 2018)

Working with the USD’s Chell Roberts, Dean of the Shirley-Marcos School of Engineering, the MGSDII developed a three day trip in Israel to experience its global contributions.

The three day trip focused on Israel’s expertise and innovation in water, energy, cyber security and start-up technologies. Faculty met with Israeli industry leaders and Israeli university counterparts in what the MGSDII hopes will be the first of many of these type of faculty trips.

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Coming Soon:  Israeli Artist in Residence at the Leichtag Commons (Fall 2018)

The MGSDII is in the beginning stages of developing an Israeli Artists in Residence program at the Leichtag Commons with Israeli partners at the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design and the Artist Alliance Complex in Jerusalem.

An artist residency program is a research-and-development lab for the arts, providing artists with time, space, and support for the creation of new work and the exploration of new ideas. Artists’ residencies are about advancing creativity, advancing human progress and advancing the way we examine the world and in this case specifically Israel and its culture. Through the support of Israeli artists, we can advance understanding and dialogue between San Diegans and Israelis. The time between MFA graduation and establishing a reputation is a vital but challenging time for artists. It is also an exciting time to have a residency. We envision that these partnerships could be a pipeline for the best of each class across disciplines! Stay tuned for more details soon.