Announcing the Israel Emergency Grassroots Response Initiative

Grassroots changemakers of all sectors have become first responders in the face of catastrophe in Israel. As if there was a civilian draft, thousands of volunteers are working tirelessly to rapidly help those in need. The internal polarization of the last months has vanished. Israeli society has come together in a powerful force to help their fellow citizens.

As we have done in prior crises where we have strong networks and connections to effective changemakers in the field, we have established the Israel Emergency Rapid Response Grassroots Initiative. Please join us at this critical time.

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Max and Toni Leichtag

Our Founders

Max “Lee” Leichtag and his wife, Andre “Toni” Leichtag co-founded the Leichtag Family Foundation in 1991. Both were children of immigrants and grew up in poverty. Their personal experiences, hard work and entrepreneurialism led to their success and their lasting impact on the community.

What’s Happening