Sock Farm Donation to Community Resource Center

The farm has donated 2,177 units (bunches, pounds, and heads of greens combined) of greens to the Community Resource Center‘s Food Program located in Downtown Encinitas this year. Varieties include red leaf lettuce, mizuna (a Japanese mustard green), bok choy and Chinese cabbage.The produce is being distributed through CRC’s regularly scheduled food distributions and has been welcomed as a fresh and healthy addition to the canned and shelf stable products commonly distributed through food pantries.

“The produce from the Leichtag Foundation’s developing farm is so fresh, it is picked and distributed on the same day,” expressed Angel Flores, Food Program’s Coordinator at the Community Resource Center. “We don’t need to spend time sorting it. We normally have to throw out or compost a percentage of the donations that we receive via the supermarkets because it is too close to expiring or it is too damaged to distribute. Our clients can see the difference and are excited to get such fresh and beautiful produce to bring home to their families.”**

**Updated as of May 13, 2015