Coastal Roots Farm


Coastal Roots Farm integrates Jewish tradition and sustainable agriculture to grow and share healthy food especially with those most in need, learn about and care for the land, and help strengthen connections between neighbors. Each year, we provide tens of thousands of pounds of fresh vegetables to local hunger relief efforts. Coastal Roots Farm is an independent organization created by the Leichtag Foundation to help foster a vibrant, healthy community. Our funding comes from philanthropic support and revenue from programs and social enterprises.


We envision a world in which every community comes together to grow and share healthy food, care for the land, help their neighbors, and strengthen the connections they have with each other.


At Coastal Roots Farm, we seed, we grow, and we share. We seed new ideas around sustainable farming and Jewish life; we grow healthy food; and we share the harvest with our local community.

Current Programs:

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Employment Opportunities:

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Recent Farm News:

  • Meet The First Farm Intern June 25, 2015 The Leichtag Foundation would like to introduce our first farm intern, Martín Vicario of University of California Davis and offer him a warm welcome! Martín Vicario grew up in North County San Diego, and comes to us from the UC Davis, ranked number 1 in the world for its agricultural program. Martín will be documenting the ...
  • Leichtag Foundation to Harvest Sunshine June 23, 2015 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:   Encinitas, CA – June 23, 2015 – Leichtag Foundation is growing food and harvesting sunshine. The Leichtag Foundation property in Encinitas, California has installed Solar PV to provide 100% of the energy required for the operations of Leichtag Foundation and its developing farm. “Energy, how we make it and how we use it, is changing,” ...
  • Apply Now for the Farm Program Director! June 8, 2015 Farm Program Director  Position Overview The Farm Program Director is a full time position responsible for developing, managing and executing a robust program calendar of public and group events on the farm at the Leichtag Foundation property in Encinitas, California. The Farm Program Director should have significant experience in conceiving, developing and producing immersive educational activities that ...
  • A Reflection on Shavuot by Rabbi Andy Kastner May 22, 2015 When I reflect on a holiday, there is a mantra I employ: What is this holiday asking and what is it awakening within me? Shavuot is the second of three annual agricultural festivals in the Jewish calendar. Agriculturally, the holiday celebrates the wheat harvest and the concluding festival of the grain harvest in Israel. Historically, the holiday ...
  • 6 Ways to Bring Shmita Consciousness May 15, 2015 This week we are reminded of the significance of investing in relationships with our neighbors and the soil. Here are six ways you can build these relationships:   1. Allow the soil to rest. 2. Plant cover crops to build fertility and erosion resistance. 3. Plant native species. 4. Walk or ride through your neighborhood instead of driving a car. 5. Share your harvest ...