Passover celebrates the story of the Israelites’ liberation from slavery in Egypt. Universal themes include welcoming the stranger, letting all who are hungry eat, committing to eliminate modern forms of slavery, and committing to eliminate modern forms of slavery. These themes begin at the Seder, inspiring us to act during Passover and beyond.

This week we’ll be sharing our work involving these themes and providing some resources for you to make this the most impactful Passover yet

Expand Your Traditions

Jewish communities around the world celebrate Passover with different traditions. Here, it’s common to see Ashkenazi or European customs and think these are the standard. Instead of following Passover through an “Ashke-normative” lens, learn from these diverse Passover rituals and flavors.

How do we put this theme into practice?

The Hive at Leichtag Commons creates diverse access points for Jewish traditions, such as their Gospel Brunch and their recent Purim event. Outside of The Hive, the Foundation supports organizations in Jerusalem that provide multi-cultural experiences for Jerusalemites. In 2017, we gave a grant to the Jerusalem Village to support their Mimuma event, which aimed to connecting the Jerusalem Model community: Israelis and Olim, religious and secular, Moroccan and non-Moroccan Jews, and highlighting the value of hospitality.

Click each image below to experience a new tradition!

BONUS: If you’re looking to experience a different tradition with us, The Hive at Leichtag Commons is hosting Mimuna on April 28th, 4-6PM. Mimuna is a Moroccan tradition that brings Muslims and Jews together to celebrate the end of the Passover. This multi-faith celebration will have everyone connecting over food, music and learning!