Passover celebrates the story of the Israelites’ liberation from slavery in Egypt. Universal themes include welcoming the stranger, letting all who are hungry eat, committing to eliminate modern forms of slavery, and committing to eliminate modern forms of slavery. These themes begin at the Seder, inspiring us to act during Passover and beyond.

This week we’ll be sharing our work involving these themes and providing some resources for you to make this the most impactful Passover yet!

Be More Welcoming with an Inclusive Haggadah

The Haggadah, the book that provides a storied framework for our Seder (Passover service and meal), can be customized to add other important stories of liberation. Now there are more inclusive Haggadot than ever! Take inspiration or sections from these to incorporate into your Haggadah!

How we do put this theme into practice?

Leichtag Commons was purchased in 2012 to become the physical platform advancing and amplifying Leichtag Foundation’s four strategic grantmaking areas on a living campus. The Commons is a nexus of social enterprise,  agriculture, community engagement, and vibrant Jewish life situated on 67.5 acres in the heart of Encinitas.

We have supported ADL San Diego’s Annual “Nation of Immigrants” Seder, a moving event attended by diverse people and deepened with their Haggadah to guide the service. This Seder honors the immigrants who built and enriched our nation. We’ve held the Seder at Leichtag Commons for several years and this year celebrated it at Seacrest Village Retirement Communities. At every Seder, as we broke matzah and retold the story of the Exodus, we vowed to counteract the modern plagues that face our communities every day, such as anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, racism and too many others.

See below for pictures from this year’s Seder.

Check out this video from the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) on their annual “Nation of Immigrants” Seder!