Passover celebrates the story of the Israelites’ liberation from slavery in Egypt. Universal themes include welcoming the stranger, letting all who are hungry eat, committing to eliminate modern forms of slavery, and committing to eliminate modern forms of slavery. These themes begin at the Seder, inspiring us to act during Passover and beyond.

This week we’ll be sharing our work involving these themes and providing some resources for you to make this the most impactful Passover yet

The lack of food access is a modern plague faced by many communities, with one in six people experiencing this food insecurity in San Diego. Discuss donating to a nonprofit that distributes food to people experiencing hunger at your Seder table or make a contribution in honor of Passover. Here are some organizations that focus on alleviating food insecurity in North County.

If you’re unable to donate money to an organization, you can also donate your time through volunteering. Contact us for more suggestions about donating or volunteering.

How are we putting this theme into practice?

Advancing self-sufficiency is one of Leichtag Foundation’s funding strategies, particularly giving people the tools and services to break the cycle of poverty through healthy food access. The Leichtag family’s personal experiences inspired our work in this field as well as the demographics of the North County coastal region.

Through this strategy, we’ve funded organizations that address food waste, healthy food access and an equitable food system, such as the organizations above and the San Diego Food System Alliance. This strategy informed the establishment of Coastal Roots Farm at Leichtag Commons, which provides dignified access to fresh food through their pay-what-you-can Farm Stand and education about nutritious food.