Working on a Jewish Farm

Having the opportunity to work at Coastal Roots Farm has allowed for my Jewish exploration and identity to thrive.

I worked for 15 years in an elementary school teaching Jewish studies to kindergarten-3rd grade students. It was very fulfilling and important work. I knew that my Jewish knowledge was limited and taught in a very simplistic manner, and I wanted to grow that knowledge and be able to reach others in a more meaningful way.

Working at Coastal Roots Farm has provided me the ability to do just that. I am able to interact with every type of person from a variety of backgrounds and different ages. My Jewish knowledge and ways of imparting that information has increased and I am able to reach a wider audience to be able to engage in a conversation about Jewish values and ways to make them meaningful in anyone’s life.

I have a chance to talk about Jewish values that helped shape the farm’s techniques and growing practices, teach children about these values and how they’re similar to universal values, and engage young families about Jewish values and traditions around the farm.

I feel blessed to have the opportunity to work on a Jewish farm and to enhance my Jewish knowledge both professionally and personally.

by Sharone Oren