Podcasts serve many purposes. Some are used for fiction storytelling, giving us series that we can’t stop listening to. Some are for interviews between notable figures that give us the inside look into others’ lives. Some provide roadmaps to better business practices and inspire us to take more action in our organizations. Whatever you’re looking for, there is a podcast for it! 

In honor of National Podcast Day, here are five podcasts we’re currently listening to:

What Gives? – Jewish Funders Network  

Our friends at Jewish Funders Network recently launched their own podcast about Jewish philanthropy! “What Gives?” connects philanthropy and Jewish wisdom to build a deeper a sense of community and introduce us to thought leaders in the field. They currently have three episodes, each with renowned guests from the Jewish community. Their first episode featuring Lisa Eisen from the Schusterman Family Foundation touches on making Jewish life relevant and compelling to the American Jewish population. 

Wholly Jewish – Union for Reform Judaism 

Union for Reform Judaism’s (URJ’s) new podcast, “Wholly Jewish” covers the multitude of identities in our diverse Jewish community. Hosted by April Baskin, URJ’s former Vice President for Audacious Hospitality, the show focuses on Jews of Color, their experiences, and how their identities create more vibrant Jewish life. This season interviews different members of URJ’s JewV’Nation fellowshop cohort, their most recent episode featuring Becky Jaye, an Asian Rabbinical student. 

Unorthodox Podcast – Tablet Magazine 

Unorthodox brings together both Jewish and non-Jewish guests weekly to talk about Jewish news and culture. Launched in 2015 by Tablet Magazine, Unorthodox has thrived throughout the ever-shifting landscape of the American Jewish population. A recent episode covers how social media plays a role in connecting with young Jews.  

BONUS: Unorthodox is coming to Leichtag Commons for a live show with The Hive at Leichtag Commons on December 6th! Stay tuned for more information in the coming weeks. 

Israel Story 

Israel Story brings stories of Israelis from different backgrounds, perspectives, and lifestyles to our ears. Each episode divides the narrative into acts, taking us on a journey into the lives of Israelis. Many of their stories are often unheard or omitted from a mainstream narrative of Israeli life and provide listeners a chance to feel at home with the stories presented. Their recent miniseries, “The Wall,” explores the walls, both physical and abstract, that shape the history of Israel. 

BONUS: Leichtag Foundation’s Director of Jewish Engagement, Chaya Gilboa, was featured on a past episode – look for Episode 3: People of the Book. 

Judaism Unbound 

Launched by the Institute for the Next Jewish Future, Judaism Unbound tackles what it means to be Jewish in the 21st century, particularly as American Jews. No matter the milieu, Judaism and people’s connection to it is deeply explored in this podcast with topics ranging from reform practices to Ultra-Orthodoxy to Israel to the role God plays in American Jewish life, and more. We recently began our “binge-listen” into their Israel miniseries which delved into the discourse around American Jews, Israel, and everything in between.  

Let us know your thoughts on these shows or drop a suggestion for a show that you find compelling so we can tell our team. Happy National Podcast Day!