Newest LF Board Member Jeff Solomon Visits Go Green

Pierre Sleiman, CEO of Go Green, and Dr. Jeffrey R. Solomon, Vice Chair of Leichtag Foundation

Our newest board member Dr. Jeffrey R. Solomon visited the ranch this week for the Leichtag Foundation quarterly board meeting.  We’re so proud to have him join the board!
Dr. Jeffrey R. Solomon is the President of the Andrea and Charles Bronfman Philanthropies, a group of foundations operating in Canada, Israel and the United States.  Among the foundations’ innovative launches are Birthright Israel and Reboot, two initiatives aimed at connecting young, assimilated Jews to their tradition, The Gift of New York, a powerful response to September 11, helping to heal families of victims through the power of culture, and Project Involvement, an educational reform program serving some 265,000 Israeli elementary school students.
Read more about his bio here.