Go Green Agriculture featured on "A Growing Passion" on KPBS

On this last week’s episode of “A Growing Passion” on KPBS, host Nan Sterman declares “Agriculture is undergoing a major transformation.” That’s why we’re happy to have Go Green Agriculture (Facebook) as a tenant on the Ranch – their innovative growing system is an inspiring vision of the future of agriculture.
“A Growing Passion” featured Go Green Agriculture on their show last week.  Watch below to see how they grow water efficient, nutrient rich local organic greens.
Skip ahead to 16:37 to see Go Green Agriculture. (the rest of the episode is excellent too!)
[iframe src=”http://video.kpbs.org/viralplayer/2365153257″ height=”376″ width=”512″] The Leichtag Foundation is a proud sponsor of “A Growing Passion” this season.