Based on the Arabic work for “school,” Madrasa is a free web-based school for Hebrew speakers to learn spoken Arabic. While 20% of the population living in Israel are arabs who speak Arabic as their first language, 95% of Jews living in Israel cannot communicate in Arabic at all. Madrasa’s founders believed that if Jews living in Israel knew Arabic, there would be greater understanding and cultural competency across the sectors. Arabic is taught by levels ranging from beginner to advance with a free interactive online course that includes a series of video lessons, exercises, chats, games, discussion forums and many more!

Initially launching as a school for anyone to learn the language, Madrasa has seen universities adopt the program in their classes and the team has cooperated with the Ministry of Social Equality to upload the course to a national platform for online courses. As of 2018, over 200,000 people have utilized Madrasa for education.

Foundation funding supports operations.

You can see their website here, and view their one-pager here.