Kaima Farms

Kaima Farm is a unique farm that employs youth who have not found success through conventional schooling. Kaima provides an alternate route to viable livelihood through agriculture, pairing two youth to one adult for intergenerational collaboration on the farm. The organization believes that school may not always be the answer for every student and that there are other ways to develop curiosity, employable skills, teamwork, independent thinking, and accountability, as well as responsibility for environmental stewardship. Kaima is clear that its work isn’t to make people or visitors farmers, but to connect them more to the Earth, themselves and each other.

Kaima Farms is situated in the belly of a valley outside the city. The land was initially unsuitable for farming and took years to create soil that would become sustainable for growth. Born from Aramaic, which informed Hebrew and Arabic, “Kaima” is the closest word to “sustainability.”

Foundation funding supports operations and their youth farming social initiative.

You can find their website here. See below for  a 1-minute video showing their work.