Grantee Perception Report 2013

Dear Leichtag Foundation Friends and Partners,
In October 2012, the Leichtag Foundation commissioned the Center for Effective Philanthropy (CEP) to assess the Foundation’s performance from the perspective of our most valued partners, our grantees. We appreciate your willingness to be part of this process and are pleased to share some key findings with you.
The Grantee Perception Report (GPR) survey was distributed via email to all of our active grantees. We had a much higher than average response rate with 87% of grantees completing the confidential survey, evaluating the Foundation on a variety of dimensions including the quality of interactions, grant application and reporting processes, and perceptions of impact. Our ratings were compared against a pool of 290 other funders, as well as to a cohort of 15 private foundations of similar asset size and annual grantmaking.
Key Findings:
  • The Leichtag Foundation rated higher than typical on many measures throughout the Grantee Perception Report, including helpfulness of the selection, reporting, and evaluation processes in strengthening grantees’ organizations.
  • The Leichtag Foundation was rated higher than three-quarters of funders in CEP’s comparative dataset for its quality of relationships. Grantees reported feeling very comfortable approaching the Foundation if a problem arises and credited the Foundation for its fairness and responsiveness.
  • Though the Leichtag Foundation was noted for its impact on local communities, grantees asked the Foundation to do more to deepen its impact in the field by more proactively sharing what the Foundation is learning from its grantmaking and research, and by connecting grantees to field experts to foster knowledge.
  • Overall, the Foundation received average marks for clarity and consistency of communication related to goals and strategies.
  • Grantees rated the Foundation positively in its impact on and understanding of the North County San Diego and Jerusalem communities.
  • The majority of Leichtag grantees report receiving some form of non-monetary assistance such as facilitating local collaboration, introductions to other leaders in the field, and technical assistance. These grantees find this assistance to be more helpful than typical in strengthening their organizations.
  • While the quality of interactions with the Foundation was rated very positively, many grantees would like to connect more often with the Foundation staff and leadership.
  • Nearly 60% of respondents indicated the Foundation has helped their organization in facilitating collaborations and building networks “to a great extent.”
As a direct result of the feedback we have received, we have identified the following areas for enhancement:
  • We are currently exploring how we can regularly communicate Foundation learnings, as well as updates on Foundation goals, strategies and current activities.
  • In addition to the key findings above, many grantees requested the opportunity to meet other Leichtag grant recipients in their field. This was particularly pronounced in feedback from Jerusalem grantees, and in response, we are organizing a daylong convening in June. If you are a Jerusalem grantee, stay tuned for more details. We will also be organizing other grantee convenings for both educational purposes and as part of our strategy to facilitate collaborations and build networks.
  • Given the strong positive response to receiving non-monetary assistance, we are examining how we can more proactively offer organizational development and capacity building assistance for all grantees.
We are encouraged by the positive ratings provided in the GPR and grateful for the candid feedback which will enable us to strengthen our impact. The Leichtag Foundation always seeks ways to improve our performance, and we encourage you to share feedback with us in real time. You may send your feedback via email to As always, we thank you for the important work that you do.
Very warmest wishes for a happy Passover to those who celebrate and a renewing spring for us all!

James S. Farley
President and Chief Executive Officer Leichtag Foundation
Charlene Seidle
Vice President and Executive Director Leichtag Foundation

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