Leichtag Foundation Statement on Michael Steinhardt

As members of The SafetyRespectEquity Coalition, the Leichtag Foundation is committed to addressing sexual harassment and victimization in the Jewish community. We admire and support the courageous women who have demonstrated leadership and great strength by sharing their stories of sexual harassment by philanthropist Michael Steinhardt, detailed in today’s New York Times article. Today is the Jewish holiday of Purim when we celebrate the power of one person-one woman-to make a difference. These brave women have truly made a difference. This issue is broader than just one article or perpetrator. It is a systemic problem and, as such, the responsibility to address and prevent it should not fall upon victims and survivors, but rather on communal leaders and funders like us. We are guided by Jewish tradition which calls on us to not stand idly by and tolerate the status quo of injustice, and in fact to call it out with loud voices, strong remediation, and good action. The SafetyRespectEquity Coalition statement can be found here.