0202: Points of View from Jerusalem

0202 began as a volunteer project that translated news & social media postings from East, West and Haredi (Ultra-Orthodox) Jerusalem and delivered it across communities. This enabled the three communities to understand how each other live, creating communication between the populations. The organization has since evolved to coordinate events, such as tours and holiday observances, that bring organic connections between East and West without mediation and interpretation.

0202 has proven crucial to the fabric of Jerusalem by weaving stories together that would never have had the opportunity to be in the same quilt. Engagement with different perspectives and lived experiences has resulted in an increased quality of everyday life and new community relationships, creating offline solutions for online problems. For example:

Street signs that prohibited driving lessons on the Sabbath in the secular Jewish neighborhood of Arnona, directly affecting and discriminating against Arab residents of the city, were taken down after 0202 gave voice to this story, which led to public pressure, and a municipal and resident hearing of the case. Residents’ complaints before the story was made public on 0202 had gone ignored.

Foundation funding supports operational and programmatic needs.

You can read more about them on their website here.