Looking for a festive way to celebrate the end of Passover? Mimouna is a traditional feast celebrated by Jews from Morocco and other North African countries, symbolizing a new beginning of freedom and prosperity. Many honor the tradition with an abundance of desserts, lively music, and symbols on the table of fertility and luck. You too can experience Mimouna in your own home with these suggestions below.  


This video with our Director of Jewish Engagement Chaya talking about the North African celebration of Mimouna.


One of the most common dishes found at a Mimouna festival – Mofletta – a pancake or crepe-like pastry prepared on a skillet and topped with a delicious spread of butter and honey! Check out this Mofletta recipe presented by our very own Chef Tiffani.


The Hive crafted a Mimouna Celebration playlist for you to enjoy, featuring music inspired by North African tradition. We hope you will dance around your living room with these festive tunes! 


Write a letter, draw a picture, or send a thoughtful gift to one of your neighbors. Traditionally, during Mimouna families share delicious treats with their neighbors. During this time of isolation, perhaps there is a simple gift that you can share with one of your neighbors?