On October 6, the North County Philanthropy Council (NCPC) hosted an in-person nonprofit job fair and recruitment presentation by Blair Search Partners.

The sector is still dealing with the “Great Resignation.” The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that approximately 4.5 million Americans left their jobs in November 2021—an all-time high.

While this may be cause for concern for nonprofits hiring, this time of change presents a unique opportunity for positive organizational growth as job seekers look to bring their whole self to the workplace.

Blair Search Partners CEO Trevor Blair shared that while human resource representatives are responsible for promoting and cultivating a healthy workplace culture from a strategic and operational level, there are many new ways to implement benefits and incentives, attracting job seekers to open positions. Organizations should consider a hybrid work schedule, carve out social time for employees to get to know one another, provide concrete examples of ways employees can make a difference (in the community and within the organization), and imbue Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) policies into the workplace. The adoption of “people and culture” can be viewed as more inviting than “human resources,” providing a win-win for job seekers and organizations looking to hire.

In Part I of NCPC’s HR Series, Mission Edge reported that when workplaces embraces diversity and inclusion, members feel like they are valued members and are more likely going to contribute to the success of the company verses viewing positions simply as “just another job.” In fact, when organizations work towards a more inclusive workplace, they achieve 3x the revenue growth compared to less-inclusive organizations (Bush et al., 2018).

As we navigate this exciting time of change together, the Leichtag Foundation is proud to highlight the nonprofit organizations who participated in the NCPC job fair. If you are on the hunt for a new job, please consider open positions at these organizations. All are making an incredible impact in the San Diego community!

Participating Nonprofit Organizations at the October 6 Job Fair