North County Jewish Life

Over the last decade, North San Diego County has seen a dramatic increase in Jewish population. This growth has been demonstrated by mostly anecdotal—but still valid—evidence. At the same time, there has been expanded interest by Jewish institutions to build on their most successful programs and serve this growth as well as by secular organizations to reach out in a targeted way to the Jewish community. In our conversations and community engagement, we know that many North County Jews feel very connected to issues of social justice, the outdoors, the environment, and seek opportunities to engage in inclusive, pluralistic welcoming environments that are open to all backgrounds.

Responding to their needs, we seek to create and foster diverse and inclusive access points for North County Coastal Jews to explore and engage with Jewish life and identity. We want North County to be a national hub of Jewish ideas, experimental initiatives and dynamic and sustained engagement. We believe North County can be a model for the Jewish community about what and how a community can grow, instigate, embolden and sustain Jewish life.

Our support of this area focuses on the following sub-strategies:

  • Diverse Jewish Access Points: The Leichtag Foundation advances diverse Jewish access points in the North County Coastal region including in the areas of culture, education, gathering, relationship development, the environment, relationship with Israel and identity development and exploration. We are particularly focused on helping people live Jewish values of justice and integrating multiple interests and identities through a Jewish lens. The Leichtag Foundation supports program for individuals across the age spectrum with a focus on college students, young adults, young families, empty nesters, and seniors.
  • Talent Incubation and Development: The Leichtag Foundation recognizes the importance of investing in talent, with a focus on leadership and professional development, in order to form a durable and sustainable community.
  • Community Engagement: The Leichtag Foundation will continue its direct engagement and conversation with members of the North County Jewish community in order to identify and respond to needs and changing demographics.

Jewish Life in Coastal North County, San Diego Focus Group

Read the study about Jewish life in coastal North County.



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