Leadership Counts was a virtual interview series with dynamic, expert leaders from San Diego and around the world navigating real-time change amid this global health crisis and economic turmoil. During the interviews, we learned how the pandemic and its consequences:

  • impacted the US/Mexico border and migrant workers,
  • changed the reality of leading a global organization,
  • affected life on the ground in Jerusalem
  • could be mitigated by mega-philanthropy
  • impacted on our local nonprofits

See videos from the different sessions below

Impact at the Border

with Norma Chavez-Peterson (ACLU) and Herminia Ledesma (Vista Community Clinic), with data provided by the San Diego Food System Alliance. Moderated by Charlene Seidle (Leichtag Foundation).

Leading a Global Organization during a Pandemic 

with David Cygielman, Founder and CEO, Moishe House. Moderated by Charlene Seidle (Leichtag Foundation).

Life in Jerusalem

with Rana Fahoum (Jerusalem International YMCA), Yossi Klar (רוח חדשה / New Spirit JLM) and Pnina Pfeuffer (Social Change Maker). Moderated by Charlene Seidle (Leichtag Foundation).

Impact on North County’s Nonprofits

with Greg Anglea (Interfaith Community Services), Andrea Guerrero (Alliance San Diego), and Jodie Grenier (Foundation for Women Warriors). Moderated by Sharyn Goodson (Leichtag Foundation)

How can Mega Philanthropy Mitigate the Effects of the Pandemic

with Barry Finestone (Jim Joseph Foundation)and Felicia Herman (Natan Fund). Moderated by Charlene Seidle (Leichtag Foundation).