Announcing JPI’s New Director of Policy and Government

We’re pleased to share the announcement that Anchinalo Salomon is joining the Jerusalem Philanthropic Initiatives team as their Director of Policy and Government. Jerusalem Philanthropic Initiatives (JPI) is an Israeli NGO established by a partnership of funders including Leichtag Foundation to strengthen civil society and enhance philanthropy in Jerusalem.

Prior to joining JPI, Anchi worked in the Prime Minister’s Office in the Government and Society Division, in the Office of the President, and at the Shalem Academic Center in Jerusalem. In her many roles, she has been committed to supporting professional development for emerging leaders and immigrant students in Israel as well as inter-sectoral cooperation and dialogue between communities and the government.

In her role at JPI, Anchi will develop new and exciting activities and direct the organization’s Policy Program for Young Leadership in Jerusalem geared toward diverse sectors and neighborhoods in the city. Please join us in celebrating Anchi and JPI, and read the full announcement here.

Jerusalem Philanthropic Initiatives is thrilled to welcome the new Director of Policy and Government to the JPI team!

Anchinalo began her position this week, developing and building a new area of activity, critical and extremely exciting for the organization; directing the Policy Program for Young Leadership in Jerusalem, geared towards the various sectors and neighborhoods in the city.

Anchinalo Salomon, 33, is married to Idan Pinto, a PhD student of Jewish Philosophy and is the mother of Hillel David. Anchinalo was born in Ethiopia and made aliya at the age of 4. She graduated high school from an Ulpana high school and spent her national service working with youth at risk. Anchinalo studied educational consulting and completed her BA from Bar Ilan University, and her MA from Hebrew University with a teaching certificate in Jewish Heritage Studies. During her BA,  she worked at the Jewish Agency as a coordinator for immigrant students from various countries at Bar Ilan University and established a leadership program aiming to support Ethiopian students in becoming leaders and influencers in Israeli society. Anchinalo worked in the Office of the President with the late Shimon Peres’ advisor in the department of Israeli Society in part as a partner in running a forum for preventing violence in Arab society and promoting coexistence, a forum for promoting the welfare of Ethiopians in Israel, and a young adults forum for the President promoting excellence and leadership for the next generation. Anchinalo also worked on President Reuven Rivlin’s initiative for education, promoting coexistence between the four tribes in Israeli society.

Previously, she worked in the Prime Minister’s Office in the Government and Society Division in the field of inter-sectoral cooperation between the government, the third sector, and business in order to promote solutions to social challenges in Israel. She directed an initiative to alleviate the regulatory burdens on nonprofits, promoting dialogue with nonprofits from the Arab sector and establishing a forum and training for nonprofits in cooperation with the government.

In her most recent role, Anchinalo managed the field of professional development and careers, at the Shalem Academic Center where she established an internship program at the UN for Shalem students and graduates.

We are confident that Anchinalo’s the experience, capabilities and inner motivation will deeply and meaningfully serve to develop this new program and we wish Anchinalo much success in her new role and are greatly looking forward to working and creating together.