The Jerusalem Model, a platform of creativity for the city’s social activists, launched.

Over the last decade, Jerusalem has undergone a renaissance. This powerful renewal has been driven mainly by young, social entrepreneurs who took it upon themselves to create the change they wanted to see in the city. Now, Jerusalem hosts a unique, diverse and vibrant community of civil activists working daily for the betterment of Israel’s capital.
With the help of the Leichtag Foundation, this community is taking their important work to the next level with the launch of the Jerusalem Model, an initiative which aims to empower and strengthen Jerusalem’s civil society. The Jerusalem Model will galvanize the activists by facilitating partnerships, creating a network and shared narrative among the diverse groups and social innovators of the city. The Model will also identify and cultivate leadership, and encourage professional excellence, all in order to have greater and more sustainable impact over Jerusalem.

Ariel Markose

The Leichtag Foundation and the Jerusalem Model’s Advisory Board have hired Ariel Markose to direct the initiative. Ariel previously served for 2 years as the Director of Resource Development and Communications for the New Spirit Organization. She is a graduate of the Rabin Program for ethical leadership in nonprofits as well as a graduate of the Argov Fellows Program of Leadership and Diplomacy. She is a certified lawyer and has an LLB in Law and a BA in Government from IDC Herzliya. She lives in Jerusalem’s Katamonim neighborhood with her husband and 2 children.
When asked about her new position Ariel said, “There is something about this city that ignites passion and ingenuity that drives people to implement creative solutions for complex situations. I feel very privileged to be a part of this initiative and am grateful for the opportunity to work with this powerful community.”
Jerusalem is the largest and most diverse city in Israel and is viewed as a microcosm of Israeli society. In recent years, Jerusalem has undergone a renewal driven by grassroots forces of activism and social change, which have repositioned the city as a center of innovation and entrepreneurship.