Tips from The Hive: Bee Organized

by Abigail Green, Hive Hospitality Assistant 

Passover is about transition, something that all of us are going through right now. We’re transitioning to socially distant lifestyles, virtual learnings, YouTube workouts, and holiday celebrations on Zoom. 

As we practice the tradition of clearing our kitchens of chametz (items prohibited during Passover) and transition into a period of unleavened bread and historical retellings – I also see it as an opportunity to become better organized. Being organized can lead to less stress and more happiness. I’ve compiled a few core tips that help me transition into a state of joy through organization.  

Make a Plan 

Every big project starts with a plan. Take out a piece of paper and write down all the things you must organize. Write down your projects from biggest to smallest: garage, toys, pantry, etc. Once you’ve created the lists, start with prioritizing the projects and be honest with yourself about the amount of time and help you will need.  

Do IUntil It’s Done 

Now that you’ve started a project, let’s work on finishing it too. Think carefully and plan your timing. If you don’t think you can finish it in the time you’ve planned, then maybe now isn’t the best time to start. It’s okay to save it for another day, and it’s better to complete a small project than start a big one just to leave it! 

For example, when you or your family members come back from grocery shopping or a vacation, it is beneficial that you put things in place soon after instead of leaving it for later.  

Lastly, the way we end our daydramatically affects the way we wake up the next morning. Before going to bed, try straightening up and organizing as much as possible. Toy clean-up, laundry, dishes and more. Doing it tonight saves you the stress of doing it tomorrow morning. Waking up to an organized space brings joy and relief and sets the tone for the day. Focusing on the small things we can control is key to living with a little more ease. 

Give Value to Your Things 

We want to believe that everything we own is meaningful and needed. If you take a closer look, howeveryou might find that many things do not serve your needs anymore, or perhaps they have expired or become too worn. This includes old make up, unnecessary papers and clothes that do not fit or bring you confidence. Getting rid of things that no longer make you happy gives more space for other purposes and brings you a sense of calm and order. When you come across things that are in good condition but do not bring you joy, please turn to your local donation station and share it with the people in need. Give someone else a chance to find new value in your items. 


Passover reminds us that our ancestors didn’t have time on their side as they transitioned into freedom. They had to act with urgency. What an opportunity we have to honor their journey by acknowledging the time we do have to live more organized and refreshed lives.