You Can Make a Difference: Get Medical Help to Syrian Children

Your Donation to Just Beyond Our Borders / Israeli Flying Aid Will Be Matched by Leichtag Foundation

This week, hundreds of civilians in Syria including many children and babies were brutally killed and injured in a horrifying chemical attack, the worst in several years in the ongoing humanitarian disaster in Syria.

On Passover, we cherish our freedom.

We are called to speak out for those who are not yet free! Leichtag Foundation has approved an emergency challenge grant matching gifts dollar for dollar up to $18,000 through Just Beyond Our Border (JBB), a crowdfunded movement raising funds from Israelis to help their neighbors through Israeli Flying Aid. We know the JBB leadership well; they are trusted partners who are actively working with the Israeli authorities to secure and transport crucial supplies and relief for children and infants directly to Syria.

Give now and your gift will be doubled by the Leichtag Foundation.

Please write “Leichtag Challenge” in the space for “Private message to project owner.”

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Just Beyond Our Borders crowdfunding campaign

In December 2016, thousands of Israelis showed compassion for their neighbors by contributing the equivalent of $350,000 through the first JBB campaign to help children in Syria. The initial campaign far exceeded expectations as more than 7,000 Israelis, anguished and desperate to take action, stepped forward to donate generously.
Now again, with this escalated horror, we cannot stay silent as innocent children and babies–Israel’s neighbors–are gassed and suffering.
We must save children’s lives by donating medical supplies, blankets, clothing, food, infant formula and other essentials. JBB has increased this campaign goal to reach 1,500,000 NIS, symbolic of the 1.5 million children murdered during the Holocaust. However, the more they raise beyond their goal, the more support they’ll send to children in need. Contribute here to help Just Beyond Our Borders / Israeli Flying Aid purchase the supplies in Israel and then transport them to Syria. ALL funds will be used to directly relieve those in need.
This tragedy is unfolding rapidly just beyond the border with Israel. Please partner with Leichtag, caring Israelis and those of moral conscience around the globe in standing against these atrocities.
JBB is featured this week in the Times of Israel.