Leichtag Commons


Leichtag Commons is a 67.5 acre agricultural property less than one mile from the Pacific Ocean in the heart of Encinitas, CA. Purchased by the Leichtag Foundation in December 2012, Leichtag Commons is a nexus of social enterprise, innovative agriculture, educational programs, and vibrant community life. The Commons is home to Coastal Roots Farm, which includes a production farm, vineyard, food forest and more; The Hive, a co-working space for over 30 nonprofits and social entrepreneurs; and more than 900,000 square feet of greenhouse space occupied by seven agricultural tenants.


Leichtag Commons is the former home of Ecke Ranch floriculture business. Zoned for agricultural use, it is 67 1/2 acres in the heart of Encinitas with 850,000 square feet of greenhouses. The main house was designed by architect Lilian Rice, whose buildings are prominent and historic features of Rancho Santa Fe.

Present Day Use

Purchased by the Foundation in December 2012 and located in Encinitas, CA, Leichtag Commons is the Foundation’s most prominent tool. Leichtag Commons is a physical platform that amplifies the strategic focus areas of the Foundation and is a nexus to bring them all together.

Currently, the Foundation is supporting programs and educational activities at Leichtag inspired by ancient Jewish traditions that connect people to community, food, the land, and social justice:

Ba’al Taschit: Ethical consumption
Shmittah: Honoring natural cycles of the earth
Peah: Lining the corners of one’s field with food for the stranger and poor
Kayamut: Ecological sustainability
Ma’aser: Reserving at least one-tenth of one’s agricultural produce for the poor
K’vod Briut: The dignity of all creations
Hachnasat Orchim: Welcoming guests
Haganat Ovdim: Fair treatment of those who work the fields
Tsa’ar Ba’alei Chaim: Kind, humane treatment of animals
Tikkun Olam: Healing the world

These traditions and values are as meaningful and relevant today as they have been over thousands of years. Indeed, they are reflected in modern agricultural practices. They are also the basis of our deep commitment to the principles of Food Justice including access to fresh, healthy, affordable, and culturally-appropriate food for all; fair treatment of workers; and compassionate treatment of animals.



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