4 Reason to Attend the Jewish Futures Conference

Next Thursday, May 30, over 50 Jewish educators will gather at Leichtag Commons in Encinitas, CA for the first-ever Jewish Futures Conference on the West Coast, sponsored by the Jewish Education Project. The intention behind this conference is to start to answer the question of how Jewish education can address major contemporary power dynamics that affect our communities: Sexual Victimization, Racial Inequity and Immigrant Justice. The conference will feature nationally renowned speakers who will bridge the gap between education and power.

But how can you know if this conference is for you?

Inherently, this conference is for anybody who wants to discuss “Power,” how to challenge it and how to shift it. Whether you’re new to Jewish education, a seasoned educator, or anyone who works in a Jewish space, here are four reasons why you should attend JFC!

1. It’s an opportunity to learn about Jewish education! For someone with little-to-no experience in Jewish education, this conference will introduce social justice values, beliefs and ethics – so essential in Jewish tradition – and show how they can apply to contemporary issues. For those who work in Jewish education, take this time to apply your knowledge to these important dynamics that influence all of our environments whether we notice them or not.

2. We’ll meet incredible speakers who have made this work part of their lives:

    • At the intersection of Jewish education and legal responsibilities, Guila Benchimol will bring over a decade of research on gender-based violence to inform our understanding of, and response to, such violence in the Jewish community and our own organizations. You can read more about her here.
    • Our Racial Inequity panel will address how educators and educational spaces can become more racially aware and inclusive, especially as we realize that the Jewish community is more racially diverse than we thought.
    • Rabbi Shmuly Yanklowitz will explain the humanitarian crisis at the US/Mexico border through a lens of power dynamics. He’ll introduce ancient and modern Jewish texts to illustrate educational approaches to address this imbalance. You can more about him here.

Check out our featured speakers, and openers from The Jewish Education Project and Leichtag Foundation!

  • David Brfyman – Jewish Education Project

  • Malka Fleischmann – Jewish Education Project

  • Rabbi Chaya Gilboa – Leichtag Foundation

  • Guila Benchimol – Researcher & Consultant on Sexual Violence

  • Angel Alvarez-Mapp – Jews of Color Field Building Initiative

  • Nicky Geis – Anti-Defamation League

  • Eric Greene – UCLA

  • Danielle Natelson – Upstart Lab

  • Rabbi Shmuly Yanklowitz – Valley Beit Midrash

3. You’ll be surrounded by Jewish educators! Gathering can offer the best opportunities to learn and grow. Being together will enable participants to discuss applying the day’s lessons to their programs. Additionally, this gathering will empower participants to find opportunities to collaborate with each other, taking their tools across the world!

4. You’ll be in the most beautiful spot in Encinitas! If you’ve never been to Leichtag Commons, you don’t want to miss the calming setting and gorgeous sunset views. We’re anticipating beautiful weather, perfect for our cocktail reception on the Farm House Patio, where you can overlook the ocean and hear nature. And did we mention that all the meals will be kosher? Believe us when we say that they’re delicious thanks to our culinary team!

Look below for some shots of the property and meals we’ve had

There are many more reasons to attend the Jewish Futures Conference, but we hope that these might entice you, whether you’re brand-new to Jewish education or a Jewish ed veteran. You have a place here and you will be seen here! Hopefully, we’ll be seeing you soon!

You can register for the Jewish Futures Conference here.