2-1-1 San Diego: A Search Engine for North County Resources

Hunger is a serious problem on North County San Diego.
To help individuals needing assistance, or agencies looking to help their clients, the Leichtag Foundation supported the creation of the online 2-1-1 portal.  Try the 2-1-1 portal here.
This search engine will help connect individuals and agencies to local North County services that can help. Food, housing, financial, health, military, disaster and more.
North County Resource Guide
The North County Resource Guide was created with the collaboration of the Institute for Public Health in conjunction with the Hunger Free Coalition and the Alliance for Regional Solutions.
In 2011 a manual resources guide was developed as an information source for individuals needing assistance and agencies seeking assistance for their clients. Since then, 2-1-1, created a searchable online portal that includes up to date information on food resources including farmer’s markets, hot meals, and food pantries available in North County San Diego. The North County Food Resource Portal can be found at: www.211sandiego.org/northcountyresources.