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Comings and Goings: Leichtag Foundation

Chaya Gilboa has assumed the position of Director of Jewish Engagement of the Leichtag Foundation and Leichtag Commons. A native Jerusalemite and a longtime educator known around the globe for her engaging and authentic pedagogic approaches, Chaya has relocated with her family to Encinitas, California from Jerusalem for the next two years. Read More Here […]

What Makes a Co-Working Space Jewish?

Features Jenny Camhi, Hive Director Open the door to this co-working space in Atlanta, and a long table with people working, typing and talking away confronts you. Exposed brick and lots of whiteboards make up the wall. A curving staircase leads to a rooftop overlooking the BeltLine, a popular multi-use trail that rings the city […]

Inverting the Knowledge Capital

by Charlene Seidle, Executive Vice President Are donor advised funds merely a tax shelter for the reluctantly philanthropic? This seems to be the overriding premise of “How Tech Billionaires Hack Their Taxes with a Philanthropic Loophole” published in The New York Times on August 3, 2018. The article cited several examples of wealthy tech entrepreneurs […]

Israel Studies

Israel Institute https://israelinstitute.org/ The Israel Institute enhances knowledge about modern Israel through the expansion of accessible, innovative learning opportunities, on and beyond campus. The Institute’s many programs and initiatives advance rigorous teaching, research, and discourse. The Leichtag Foundation works with the Israel Institute to expand Israel-focused learning in the San Diego area. This partnership has […]

Food Systems

San Diego Food System Alliance www.sdfsa.org As a multi-sector collaborative, the San Diego Food System Alliance (the Alliance) creates system level changes by connecting, coordinating and catalyzing actions that promote the shared vision of Good Food for San Diego County. The Alliance network consists of more than 120 groups with 40 Voting Members representing a diverse […]

Pathways to Economic Security

Accion https://us.accion.org A nationwide nonprofit lending network, Accion provides fair and flexible loans, connections to business experts, and access to resources and opportunities specifically tailored to each business owner’s unique needs and goals.  Foundation funding supported Accion’s investment in startup and existing North County San Diego businesses through loans ranging from $300 to $75,000 and […]

Healthy Food Access

Produce Good www.producegood.org Addressing food waste and food insecurity in San Diego County with the help of a strong volunteer corps, Produce Good harvests unused produce and distributes it into the charitable food system.  Produce Good donates fruit to major distribution agencies, such as the San Diego Food Bank and Feeding San Diego, as well […]

Ultra-Orthodox Community Workforce Development & Career Advancement

Temech http://temech.org Temech provides the financial, socioeconomic and professional tools needed to raise the employability and professional levels of Ultra-Orthodox women, thereby reducing their poverty and dependence on social services and advancing their long-term economic sustainability. Temech utilizes a variety of core services including recruitment, training, networking and consultancy. In addition to creating jobs for […]