Light is a universal symbol for Chanukah, reminding us that even during dark times, there is still hope for light to be restored.

This Chanukah, illuminate an individual or organization by sharing how they are spreading warmth and light in the world! Using the submission form, upload a video letting us know why you want to shine the light on this person or organization in 30 seconds or less. Use this question to guide your thoughts: How are they helping to keep the light glowing in our world, even during difficult times?

During the week of Chanukah, we will then highlight these individuals and organizations across social media, in a virtual online gallery and during a social Chanukah Hivedalah program! Scroll to the bottom of the page to see more Shine the Light events.

Shine the Light on a loved one or organization below!

Watch our example illumination below!

If you need a sample script, please see below
Hey! My name is ________________ and I am shining the light today on ___________.
_______________ deserves to be illuminated this Chanukah because they
Thank you _______ for being a bright light in our world!
Happy Chanukah!
Shine the Light with us all Chanukah week with these events!
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