San Diego-Israel Connections

Through the eyes of entrepreneurs like the Leichtags, Israel was the ultimate start-up. Seventy years since the State was founded, Israel is a living example of democratic society in constant evolution, responding to new challenges and opportunities at every turn and seeking to live up to the ideals upon which it was founded.

The Leichtag Foundation focuses its efforts on engagement with Israel, providing a spectrum of opportunities to connect to the State and its people from a variety of perspectives, build relationships based on mutual interest and learn more about Israel’s culture, diversity, history, competencies and struggles. While we recognize the importance of advocacy which provides tools and resources that champion for and defend Israel on a political level, the Foundation does not support Israel advocacy activities.

Our support focuses on the following sub-strategies:

  • Cultural Exchange and Engagement: The Foundation supports programs that inspire people to create and cultivate a personal connection to Israel. Our support of this area is focused on immersive educational travel opportunities that bring San Diegans to Israel and Israelis to San Diego and educational programs that promote the various dimensions of Israel and align common interests between San Diego and Israel. We have particular interest in sophisticated programs that wrestle with the complexities, opportunities and challenges that Israel faces and often which San Diego and Israel share.
  • Professional Partnerships: The Foundation helps stimulate, support and catalyze content-based professional partnerships between grantees in Jerusalem and grantees in San Diego, focused on areas of professional development and exploration that such grantees share.
  • Israel Studies: The Foundation focuses on the range of opportunities for the academic study of Israel on the university campus and surrounding communities and seeks to broaden and deepen the quality of formal Israel education at San Diego’s major universities. In order to stimulate other support of this area, in general, our funding is directed through the Israel Studies Field of Interest Fund at the Jewish Community Foundation of San Diego.


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