Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Foundation accept unsolicited grant proposals?
No. The Foundation does not accept unsolicited grant applications or proposals for funding.  Prospective grantees must receive an invitation from Foundation staff to apply for funding.

I spoke with one of the Foundation’s board members who suggested that I apply to the Foundation. Should I submit a grant proposal if I am encouraged by a board member to do so?
The Board of Directors depends on the Foundation’s professional staff to manage the grantmaking process. Please contact the Foundation if you have had a discussion with one of the Directors, and a Foundation professional will respond to you.

What are the Foundation’s selection criteria for grant proposals, in addition to alignment with its funding priorities?
We critically view our philanthropy through various value screens, the most important of which are the Foundation’s strategic areas of interest. We also consistently apply a set of grant screening criteria to any prospective grantee:

  • Alignment with Leichtag Foundation mission, vision, and strategic priorities
  • Demonstrated need in the target population
  • Financial feasibility
  • Presence of other funding partners
  • Strength of professional and lay leadership
  • Well-defined goals and outcomes
  • Quality evaluation process
  • Sustainability plan

What does the Leichtag Foundation NOT fund?
The Foundation does not generally fund:

  • Individuals
  • Fundraising events
  • Political campaigns or lobbying activities
  • Endowments
  • Medical or scientific research
  • Individual synagogues or churches
  • Capital campaigns

How often does the Foundation award grants?
Once an organization has been invited to submit a proposal, the Foundation’s staff will work closely with a prospective grantee to develop the grant concept and proposal for presentation to the board.  Expedited Grants (awards of $50,000 or less) are awarded each month. Grant awards of more than $50,000 are reviewed at Foundation board meetings which occur approximately every six to eight weeks.

Is there a minimum or maximum grant amount the Foundation funds?
No, the Foundation considers each program according to its individual resource requirements.

Does the Foundation award multi-year funding?
Once the Foundation has an established relationship with a grantee, we prefer to award multi-year funding to enhance program stability and reduce administrative burden on grantees.  Grant periods are dependent upon the resource requirements of the program.

What geographic areas do you fund?
Geographic funding areas are dependent upon the strategic priority furthered by the grant.  In general, the Foundation funds programs in San Diego’s North County Coastal region and in Jerusalem. Please review the Foundation’s Strategic Framework and Funding Priorities to help determine a geographic funding fit.